Jun. 23rd, 2003 12:23 am
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So the demon book has been shelved yet again. This happens over and over again. I just think it's awfully close to my heart and makes it hard to work on. I think I'll take a step back for a while, maybe try to get some solid outlining and notes done on it, and then start up again later.

Instead, I'm working on a few other things. I'm thinking of starting the revisions on Beauty, the novel I started for NaNoWriMo (which I might just try again this year, depending on work). I'm also working on the roach story.

Didn't place in the contest I'd entered it in, didn't even get a rejection letter. Poo. So I'm working on fleshing it out more (and changing some things which I now find really cringe-worthy). Once I do, I'll submit it around for real. Right now it's about 1700 words. I'd like to get it to 3000, but I don't think that is possible unless I continue past the ending I now have. If I do that, I could very well double it. I'm not sure. I'll have to add in all the little things I've got in my head (and I did quite a bit of that tonight), and see where it stands.

So that's where things stand now. More later, when more things happen, as always.
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Hm, I really need to think of a way to start a paragraph other than "so yeah"...


Well, I was right when I said that I wouldn't get anything accomplished over the week. I didn't. Other than thinking. Though I'm still sick, so that might have had something to do with it. Or not. I don't know.

Today, I've messed around online far too much. I took a nap. I reorganized my MP3s. And then I did write, some. I put in just over 1000 words of new stuff, rearranged some other things. That gives me about 2275 words so far. Including the prologue, I've got 3800 words. Yeah, this is going to be big.

Good response from the people that have commented on the emailed prologue so far, which makes me happy and squishy.

I'm going to work on it more tomorrow. I'm out of the house all afternoon, but then I'll be home and slug-like on the computer.

Then this next week, I'm really going to make the effort to write before work at least one or two days out of the five. I mean, c'mon, I get up at 9am and don't have to work til 2pm. I don't even start getting ready til 12:30. My mornings are mainly surfing and playing Alchemy or Bookworm. Heh. ;)

Ok, going to go read the tarot book that came with the deck I got off Amazon this week, then bed. More tomorrow, I'm sure.

Oh, ten songs I really like, random, right now )
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So I didn't get anything written over the weekend. I did send out the prologue to the people that have asked to be on my email list. I also did a lot of messing around on various tarot sites (adding 4 neat decks to my wish list in the process), trying to figure that part out. Had a good conversation with [ profile] erlking about that. Then he wanted a physical description of the main character (who will now be Josephine instead of Josefine, as I wasn't sure I liked Josefine anymore, and everyone seems to agree with that).

So I've spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out what the heck Josephine looked like. It was about 11pm that I got the idea to browse pictures of hairdye boxes, being the weirdo that I am. But I did find one that I rather like...

josephine... )

So there was at least that much accomplished. Troll dear, if you'd like I can send you more of a writeup of her tomorrow. Tonight I'm beat.

So yeah. No writing done this weekend. Not likely to get any done over the week. So slackful. But, instead of writing actual text, I will try to document any ideas or concepts that I do have, so I don't forget them. Next weekend, other than doing wash on Sunday, I shall try to work on this for most of the weekend. I might try to work on it during the week before work, but I'm usually fairly slug-like before work each day, so no promises there.

Ok. Time to go hit some Jane Austen and sleep.
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So today, in a fit of procrastination, I paid for this journal for 2 months. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while now, and while I'm broke, $5 spent here is $5 I can't spend on something really unnecessary.

I've spent the last, oh, two hours or so messing with the layout and stuff. The layout and colors are the same as [ profile] phaedrine, just in a different order. I also went through and got a mess of new user pics, mainly themed for the stuff I'm going to be writing.

On the topic of writing, is anyone that reads this really, really good with tarot? I love the tarot, but mainly visually. I never could really remember the meanings of the cards, or put it all together into a cohesive meaning. If not, does anyone know of any really good websites that have meanings and instructions and stuff?

See, at one point one of the characters in the demon-book will want to do a reading for the main character. The main character doesn't believe in tarot readings at all, but the other character does, and this reading actually turns out to be dead on. The event actually doesn't take place until probably the middle part of the demon-book, but I want to have the results in my mind as I write, that sort of thing.

And also, a small poll...

[Poll #113469]


Mar. 16th, 2003 12:28 am
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I've been listening to a lot of music lately, letting the stuff in my head dictate what I hear.

I'm listening to a lot of Scarlet's Walk and Group Therapy, but those two albums seem to have worked their way into the soundtrack of my life. There's definately some songs on each that really fit with what I'm trying to work on, though.

I'm also listening to The Cure's Disintegration a lot. Like, nothing else in the last 36 hours, playing even while I sleep. I don't know why, the need to listen to this just hit me out of the blue. I've pinned down part of it, in that a character that will be in this demon-book has some strong traits of phae-in-high-school. Disintegration was a CD I used to borrow from my friend Ryan in the ... late 10th grade, I believe, and listen to a lot. Then I got it a few months after that. I still have that CD. The cover is cracked, and when I ripped it so that I could listen to it on the computer, I can hear the scratches on the CD in the MP3s. I love this CD...

I think I might need to get David Bowie's Heathen, as well. I heard a song off of it on launchcast last night, and it was sooo good and just fit right in with everything. In fact, I think I'll go download that one song right now...

Here's the "demon list" playlist out of my mp3 player:

la la la )
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I'm a slacker, ah well.

I haven't gotten anything done since last weekend. Tho I'm not sure if I posted about what I did get done. Between work, the sinus infection I've gotten, the dr and dentist appointments, and the concert I went to the other night, my free time has been me staring at the computer and mainly playing bookworm.

The demon-story has been very insistent on becoming a demon-book. I can't help it. It won't take no for an answer. So, I've got most of the prologue written. I'm hoping to finish it tonight (as I'm only at work for 2 hours today so I shouldn't be that brain dead) and either continue work on chapter 1, or write up a outline sort of thing that is taking shape in my head.

I've decided to stop posting things up here. Don't really know why, I just don't feel comfortable with it anymore, I guess. I was originally doing it for feedback, but the only people I seem to get feedback from are the people I email it to anyway, and usually chat with on IM.

So, if you'd like to keep reading my stuff as I produce it, please leave me a comment. If you're one of the four people that I'll send it to anyway (blaire manda troll lindy), well, you're getting it anyway. ;) I'm going to put together a group in my address book or something and just spam people with an attachment whenever I get to good stopping points, etc. Or something. I don't know.

I should post the soundtrack for the demon-book here. It still needs some tweaking, though. I think I will do that when I get home.


Mar. 7th, 2003 06:52 pm
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I haven't updated this in almost a week!

It's a bit odd having a normal journal and a writing journal, esp with almost all of the people I have friended on here, I have on my other journal as well. I don't want to fill this up with personal details that people have already read somewhere else, and I don't want to bore people on my normal journal with details about my writing (details and going on and on and blah blah blah). But sometimes I forget.

Not a lot actually going on, but things are about to start happening. I have totally finished the stolen story, which has been renamed "A Shot in the Dark". It's printed, but I screwed up a few things manuscript-wise, so I'll be reprinting it, either tonight or over the weekend, and mailing it off no later than monday. Whee!

Last weekend I also started in on the demon story for real. I just meant to sit down and try to redo the parts I'd already written to work with how I wanted it to be now...and ended up spewing out a whole bunch of, I think, pretty good stuff. Tho I've already thought of things that I want in there that I forgot to put.

It's going to be long, too. It's already over 2000 words, and it feels like a bare beginning. I shake my fist at things I wish would be short stories that just want to be novels. I think I'll work on it more this weekend, and if it still feels so confined, I'll rewrite the beginning and start calling it the prolouge. Is that spelled right? Eh, I don't care.

So yeah, things are happening. I still can't work on my writing after I get home from work, too drained, or before work, too lazy. I need to fix one of these two things. I could be getting a hell of a lot more done if I worked on it more than just on the weekends.

I'm already working on the music that will be the soundtrack to the demon story. Some Concrete Blonde, like "Your Llorona" and "Angel", Depeche Mode's acoustic "Personal Jesus"...U2's "Running to Stand Still" and "Trip Through Your Wires." Oh! Also, I got my quicky MP3 copy of [ profile] trollmusic's cd Fixate in the mail, and not only is it super-wonderful, two of the songs are SO going on the soundtrack for the story ("Song of Thanks" and "Dusk Fell Over You"). Such good stuff. (*shameless plug* you can buy his cd on his website, or listen to MP3s after I upload some this weekend *end shameless plug*)

I should post some of the demon story here. I guess I will post some of the results on Sunday night, either some of the rough stuff I have, or the new prolouge. Tho it might upset [ profile] fallenicon a upset me a bit to right, but I did. You'll see why (and I'll send it to you sooner if you're interested).

Ok, cold fingers does not make for easy typing. I am going to find food.
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I did good on my goal. On 1/22, I promised myself I'd have a story written by the end of Feb. I finishing writing it on like the 22nd, finished editing it on the 1st of march, and now have it all printed out and everything.

Tomorrow a girl at work is bringing me a large envelope I can use to mail it. I just need to wait til I have $$ for postage, so it probably won't be sent off until next Saturday, but that's fine. Then the waiting, and probably rejection and revising, begins!

Next, to keep working on the demon story (which from the start doesn't have a title. I will try to think of one as I write so I don't get to the end and get really annoyed with myself for not having a title).
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I'm a slacker! Woo!

As if any of you didn't know that already.

I haven't done any more revising on the stolen story since Sunday. I know what I want to do to it, though, I just haven't actually sat down and done it. Maybe I'll get to it tonight. If not, well, there's always the weekend. I will feel confident that I've acheived my goal because the story is done, and it's only the very last section that still needs some work. But I did finish it.

I've started on the new story, too. Well, the new/old story. It's something that I started writing years and years ago, and never did finish it. When I decided I wanted to write something dark fantasy/horrorish set in ABQ, I remembered that story (which is about a demon), and how it was never completed. I've decided to totally rewrite it and set it here. I think it will work well. I've already started with a new beginning, it just sprang out of nowhere (at work, even), so I wrote it down. I think I like where it's going. It needs a name, though. For now, I'll just call it the demon story.

I found a new author's website/blog from a link that was posted in Neil Gaiman's journal. It was the link to Will Shetterly's blog. He's just started it recently, but it looks promising. His website has author stuff. On the page "Pithy Advice for Writers" there are two great lines:

Dare to fail; that's why God made revisions.

Write to please yourself first and others second, and you'll never fail.

And with that, I think I'll go get ready for work.


Feb. 17th, 2003 11:41 pm
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Ok then.

I decided a few weeks ago that I just wasn't capable of writing after a night at work. I was just too mentally drained by that place to be able to sit down and actually make the words work.

Tonight, work was really slow. I was chatting with [ profile] theravada and wishing I had brought a copy of the story with me, or that I could go home early so I could work more on it. I was pumped and excited and ready to work.

Here it is, like four hours later, and my head feels like some sort of bomb went off inside it and has left only mush. So much for writing tonight.

So much for doing anything. I think I will take the rest of the cookies I made over the weekend and my book and go to bed. I don't even think I have it in me to watch a video.

Dammit, I wish it wasn't like this. I wish I could just stay home and do this, either because I was making money off of it, or because I had someone around to pay the bills and stuff and let me concentrate on what I really like to do.

Unfortunately, that second one isn't going to happen for a very long time. If ever.
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Ok, so today I'd promised myself I'd try to finish the Stolen story, since I've only got two weeks left to have it totally ready, and I didn't work on it at all last weekend.

I sat down at the computer about...4, I think, and proceeded to waste an hour and a half on distractions (watched a movie, read LJ, chatted with [ profile] fallenicon, did google searches).

I was starting to get really fed up with myself, thinking that I wasn't going to be able to do this after all. [ profile] fallenicon suggested I give myself time in March, since Feburary was a short month, but I don't think so...

So I put on some fairly bitter music (playlist will follow), turned off all the lights, lit a few candles, and smoked a clove. I pulled out my scribble book and jotted down a few ideas, but then didn't need to worry about it.

Stuff just came. Good stuff, too, a part I wasn't sure how to write. A good lead to the end.

I did about 1200 words tonight, which puts me a bit over 4,000. I also have only about two more scenes to write til the end. I think I'll try to write after work this week, and if that doesn't happen, I'll finish it next weekend.

[ profile] zevhonith, did you get the copy I sent you as an attachment? Did you look at it?

Now, to read...

tonight's music )


Feb. 12th, 2003 12:31 am
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So, that time has come, and this has become a friends-only journal. Various reasons. Stuff like that.

I'm pretty easy about adding people back, so if I know you, or you want to know me, that sort of thing, leave a comment and we'll see what happens.
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(In which Phae rambles a bit about what she wants to write, what she wants to accomplish, and the next project after "Stolen")

And so forth! )
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So I've gotten some good work done today. "Ahriman" is now "Antonio", and is in the process of becoming more real, more evil, and less like the lame person he was based on.

I've found the rest of the story in my head, and work is progressing on that, as well as fleshing out what I started with, which is becoming the first third or so. I've not quite doubled my word count today. I find that very productive.

Later on, I got obessed with my MP3s and trying to decide what the sound of Griffin and the Story would be, and why. So, here is my current playlist, along with some lyrics bits, ala [ profile] 7ghent's "life as a mix tape" posts. Kinda. Except it's not my life and there are 26 songs.

Now Playing )

So far, it sounds very good.

More work on the story tomorrow, and another update will be posted accordingly. My goal will be to finish and post here for review, but we'll see what happens. Now to read and sleep.


Jan. 22nd, 2003 11:28 am
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Added some people from [ profile] phaedrine to this friends list, since I'm going to be posting stuff up here friends-only, and want them to see. :)
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Just jotting something that I'm going to write out to put up on my site, which I'm in the process of totally redoing.

blah blah blah )
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Ok, I suck. I totally forgot to put in a key part of chapter four...better go do that now. Dumb dumb dumb. See what happens when I don't pay any attention to my outline?!?


Nov. 20th, 2002 01:58 am
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I was going to try for another fat chunk of words tonight, but it just isn't happening. I've done about 650, and the scene that was so cool in my head, the "anti-love" scene, didn't turn out so cool written. It'll be big on my list of things to revise, later.

I guess I should at least press to finish chapter 4 tonight. Only, not even a thousand words should do it.

I think I can I think I can I think I can...


Nov. 19th, 2002 01:33 am
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Another night of much work. If I have some more of these, I might actually finish this thing. ;)

Managed 2701 words tonight, which brings me to 14,595 in total. I'm 2600 some words in to chapter four, I'll probably write another thousand or so on it and finish that up.

Next, they travel to the North to meet with the Dragon Seer, then starts the 2nd part of the book, in which they gather what they need to bring down Melantha, and in the process try to regain Ellen's lost humanity (which I think is starting to show more in chapter 4, but is going to need some revising later to really say what I want to about it...worries for later).

Now I am to bed. La!
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Manda: "Good day to you, sir! And may your jollies not get cramped!"

Ok, now picture Alan Rickman saying it.

(Mmm, Alan Rickman...)
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