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So today, I had a good day in general all day (as is detailed in [ profile] phaedrine). Then I put on moulin rouge and sat down to write.

At one point, I stopped and made brownies.

Then I put on the Crow.

Now I'm going to bed. Today I've not only finished chapter two, not only broken the 10,000 word mark, but I've almost broken 12,000. I'm at 11,826, 4043 of that written in the last 5 hours.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try for the same.

What's the plan? Finish chapter three. In my mind, it's being called "the chapter with no dialouge". But that's ok, how much can you really say in a chapter that spans a hundred or so years?

Chapter four will be "chapter of princes and freedom".

After that...I'll have to take a look at my redone outline. On the orignal, it didn't go too much past them getting out of the castle. On the new timeline, that's only the first third or so.

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So yeah, last night ended up about how I thought it would. I ate comfort food, read, and went to sleep at 1am. I didn't write any more, I just didn't have it in me.

While I was laying in bed reading, however, I was thinking about this somewhat. I am not planning on giving up, but I think that it's ok if I don't make it to 50,000 words by Nov 30th. You know why?

I've written 7,156 words already. Yeah, way behind, but guess what? That's more words than I've *ever* written on something before.

Just for that alone, this is already worth it.

I know, it's not the best 7k words I've ever written, but I haven't even thought of editing and revising yet. I think that once that's been done, I'll have something decent here.

I'm still trying for the goal and finishing, but I'm not going to stress about it.

Time for work soon. Hopefully it will be slow towards the end of the night and I can write more on chapter two, which I'd dearly love to finish today. I've got it all plotted out in my head, I just need to get the words out. I'm in a much better frame of mind for that today.
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I did get a lot done last night. Not quite to the end of chapter 2, but nearly. I'm def. going to finish that and write all of chapter 3 today. My only other plans are to vacuum the floor and go food shopping, and they can even wait. :) I will write lots and lots!

If, by some miracle, I can even get through chapter 4 today, that will put me nearly all the way caught up. We'll see what happens.

I'll post stuff here as I finish it.


Nov. 7th, 2002 10:54 am
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Setback of a sort. It's not that I don't want to write, or can't, but between work and my body trying to readjust to nights and all that crap with my paycheck, I just haven't had the freakin' time. Ugh!

So yeah. Yesterday and the day before, I wrote nothing. Last night I was really planning on picking up my new Tori cd, coming home, and writing to that. However, picking it up turned out to involve a long process of going to karaoke and then VI, and it was hard to extract myself. When I finally did, I came home and was asleep like a half hour later. *sigh* Today I feel horrid, too, I'm just not yet back in to staying up late at night (and that apparently means 1am and beyond now, instead of 7am like it was over the last year...).

Today, back into the groove. I promise. I'm not going to take a book to work, so during the slow moments we've been having, and on my lunch, I'm going to work. Then I will come home and listen to Scarlet's Walk and write until about 1, and then I will go to bed and read for a few minutes and sleep. That is the plan.

I'm going to try for this same plan tomorrow night, too.

Saturday morning will hopefully be all writing, with some breaks to do some housework. Then I'm having [ profile] muzukashii over for some Bebop, then in to work to do some OT. If work is slow, more writing will be done.

Sunday is my big catchup day. According to my spreadsheet, by Sunday I should have over 16,000 words. *sigh* That's a very big number, considering what I have now. But I will prevail! 16,000 words should get me past Chapter 3 and in to Chapter 4, I think. If I can get further, I will!

I'll post the chapters here as I finish them, of course. Thanks to everyone who has read what I already have up, lame as it is. :)

Ok, gotta get ready for work. Maybe I can squeeze in some work before I have to leave....
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Alrighty then. Just spent some time adding people as friends. I wasn't going to bother too much with that, as many of the people that were friend-of, I had listed as a friend in my normal journal...but then I decided that I was going to post excerpts here, but post them friends-only. So all of a sudden, it made a difference.

So yeah. If you want to read my NaNoWriMo work in progress, add me and I'll most likely add you back.

My normal ramblings, however, will continue to be open to everyone. Woo. I bet you're all so thrilled, huh? ;)

Ok. I'll post my prologue here, then it's to writing for me, for at least the next hour or two. Gonna see if I can double my word count tonight.
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Got started last night. Did over a thousand words...*goes to check* 1,206 words to be exact. Not too bad, considering the short amount of time I had to work on it last night. I was planning on doing more after [ profile] literaryseer left, but I was too damn tired. I ended up reading for a few minutes and going right to sleep...for 11 hours.

My original plan for today was to go in to work and get some extra hours in, but that doesn't look like it's happening, so I've got the whole day to myself now. I think I'll mess around and read and stuff until about 11 or 11:30, then sit and write for a few hours.

Don't know if I'll be going in to work tomorrow, either, and tomorrow is my big writing day.

Here we go!
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So here we are, on the first day of November, on the first day of NaNoWriMo.

Haven't written anything yet. That can't be helped, tho. There was no way I was going to be able to stay up til after midnight last night to get started, even if it was a 10 word start.

This morning, I barely had time to get ready beforing having to leave for work at 6:20am. So that was out.

I don't think I'll get any done during work, but who knows. Maybe during my lunchbreak, since we're sort of having 2 lunches today.

I will, however, sit down and work on some this evening, before [ profile] literaryseer comes over for Bebop. And maybe some more before bed. Tomorrow, some for sure, and lots on Sunday. Sunday will actually be a day used for making up for today and tomorrow. :) Then starting Monday, I'm going to try for a regularish schedule of writing during the week, and a spaz of writing on the weekends.

That's all.

Oh wait. One last thing. I now have a title.

Beauty: A Tale Of Vengeance
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Well, maybe.

See, I've been setting myself to think character, think character, think character.

What do I end up doing?

More plot.

But this is a good thing. Really! Want to know why?

I think I have my ending. :) It all sort of came to me driving home from the store tonight. I'm going to keep it the way I had it, with Ellen getting bitter and upset and stuff while locked in the castle, and when she gets out all she wants is revenge. Her and the dragon will find out that the witch is now the Queen, and try to find a way to stop her. To do so, they'll go to an old dragon prophet mage type thing, who will tell them they need to travel and get three things (yay for plot coupons!). The first will be some sort of magical object. The second will be the person that knows how to use said magical object. The third thing I haven't decided on, but will probably be something the person needs in order to use the magical object. I'll figure this one out later. I just thought three was such a much more lovely rounded number than two.

These things are actually needed, but the reason the elder dragon sends ellen to get them is because it sees she has lost her humanity. All that time locked in a castle with no one but a cranky dragon and thoughts of revenge for company will do that to a girl. So, it sends her to get these *particular* things, because it knows that the getting of them will help her regain her humanity. Eventually, she does bring down the witch, and the moment she has been waiting for comes. She gets to kill the witch.

But she can't.


I did actually do a bit of work on character, too, but mostly physical stuff. I guess the rest will either have to be done over the weekend, or discovered as I go!


Oct. 29th, 2002 05:21 pm
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Actually did some character work today. Go me! Not a lot, because I was actually working for most of the day, but I did some during one of my breaks.

I'm trying to decide how much to age my main character while she's locked in the castle. I know I want her to be about 15 when she gets put in there, and that about 100 years will pass in the outside world, but I don't want her to be 15 at the end. I'm thinking that she has to learn quite a bit of the dragon magic before she stops aging...but how long before that happens? 5 years? That would put her at a good age, maturity-wise. Hmm....

Think I'm going to go read. This is one of the last nights I can enjoy guilt-free reading! Eeek!
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So yeah. Didn't work on character sketches. Brought my bookie thing, put names on pages....and nothing else.

I did go over my old outline, tho, and crossed out some things and added others. I actually read the damn thing, too, and realized there were parts that I'd totally forgotten. Any time I've messed with it these last weeks, I've just been skimming it. Silly me. :/ Ah well, it was good stuff, I realized, so it's all good.

I really should do at least some basic character work, and think about the prolouge more. That'll be short, so I'd like to get at least that written over the first weekend, more if possible.

Still trying to think of a title. ______: A Tale of Vengence. Now, to just fill in the blank. Bleah.


Oct. 27th, 2002 09:57 pm
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Ok, I got fed up with blogger tonight, and converted everything over to a new LJ.

I'm up way past my bedtime, but I finally got the style the way I want it, the colors similiar to my writing page, and all my back entries reposted here (backdated). At least there weren't that many. I've also gotten all my writing/book related interested listed, and some userpics uploaded. I hate only being able to use 3 pictures. Once I've got the money flowing again, I'll have to pay for this journal for a short time, just so I can upload more! :)

I had fun listing the "current music" for each entry as something off my current playlist. ;) Silly, aren't I?

Much talk with Britt tonight about story/plot/etc. Still have questions on the ending. Still need a title. Other than that, things are looking good. It's truly going to be dark, feministish fantasy (is feministish a word? It should be...)

Ok. Way tired. Must sleep. Must wake in 7 hours. Must leave minutae about normal life to normal journal. This is writing stuff only!
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Nothing new to say, really. Getting geared up for WriMo to start, just a few more days here.

I haven't worked on the outline any more...but I did decide to scrap the YA part and just go dark fantasy. The ending....still up in the air.

I've decided one thing I def. don't want in there is a love interest. There might be one that pops up and tries to be, but he'll be shot down. I am in no mood to write about love.

Did some page updates tonight. Irritated at blogger because I can't figure out why my archives aren't being linked. They seem to be there (at least, I see the files for them in my FTP program). Odd.
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Ok, I hasn't even started yet and I'm already having a crisis. :P

I'm trying to decide if I want to pitch the YA bit and write it normal fantasy. Well, dark fantasy.

See, there's things I'd like to be in there that I'm not sure I can tone down enough for YA. A big part of that is the ending. I know how I want it to end...sorta...but I don't know why. Vengence plays a very large part of what happens....It's possible that it won't be a very happy ending, though, because the girl becomes very bitter and stuff while she's locked up. I'm still pretty unsure on the ending, really. I know what has to happen, I'm just not quite sure how or why.

See, the orignal story, that I wrote on a whim back in like the 12th grade, went something like this: "Sleeping Beauty wasn't really asleep. She was locked in the castle with the dragon, and she was awake the whole time. She became friends with the dragon, who used her magic to keep them alive. After 100 years, a prince came to wake the sleeping beauty and live happily ever after. Instead, they killed him and ate him. Free at last, they flew off into the sky, and lived happily ever after." So yeah.

Last year, I was doing a lot of outlining on this concept, because I thought I could stretch it in to a neat dark fantasy novel. This is the result of that. As you can see, I was unsure about the ending even then. (Many of the names and some of the concepts have changed since then, but it's a pretty fair outline still, at least for the first 1/2 or so and then the very (unknown) end).

A few months ago, I thought I could turn this YA with no problems, but now I'm not so sure. I think I'd rather it be a dark fantasy thing, actually. I don't know...meh. I think I'll think on it for another day or two. I'm leaning towards the darker stuff, tho. I might just leave the ending questions until I get there.
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Ok, you can offically call me crazy. :)

Whatever I'm currently working on is being put on hold until Dec 1st.


Cause I decided to go ahead and try out NaNoWriMo. Yep. Write a novel of at least 50,000 words in one month.

I'm taking a concept that I wanted to write on eventually, a YA fantasy bit, and actually working on it. Up til now I'd only worked on an outline for it, and maybe written a half a chapter (but not in a YA sort of style). I don't remember it as being very satisfactory, so I've decided to scrap all that and start it at a different point (an entirely different point, if you count the new prolouge).

Still need a lot of work on the site. I think I'm going to do that this week, so it'll be all ready for November. Mainly, I need to do a bit more tweaking on the colors here, get all the works I'm going to post up here converted to the new format, and actually list them. I've already got a few done on that count.

I'll be posting my word count and stuff here daily, next month, instead of in my LJ. I figure, if people want to read about my writing, they come here (and I'm probably just talking to myself anyway), so why bore the poor LJ people more than I already do with my random day-to-day postingness.

I think I'm just rambling now. I think I'll go. It's late anyway.
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Been working on Stolen off and on over the last week. I've been revising as I go, so it doesn't seem like I've done much, tho I've added almost another thousand words to it. Gotta keep working. There's so much more to say... I'm tempted to just spew it out and then revise later, but that really goes against the grain. I don't know. Maybe I'll try that over the next few days, and then sit and revise sometime next week, and see where that gets me.

Redid the site tonight, as well as the main written dark page. More to do, that's for sure, but it was a good start.

I think bed now.


Sep. 13th, 2002 09:42 pm
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Mmkay. It's been just over a month since I've updated this. It's also been just over a month since I've done really any writing work at all. I did a litte work on Gaidin, but nothing stellar.

Lately, it's really been bugging me. Since I stopped working at CL, I really haven't had anything to do. I've been home almost the entire time (minus 4 days in Mexico), and mainly have just been doing a lot of reading and housework. It looks like I'll have at least another week or two of time off (which sounds nice, but it's not like I'm getting paid here, so it's really not nice). I really need to get my act together here.

Today, I pulled out Stolen and re-read it. It was the first story that I sat down and wrote, start to finish, in one sitting. It only needed minor corrections the next day to finish it off. It got good responses from everyone I've shown it to. Most people said they wished there was more. So, today I made more. First of all, I took the original story and went through it, adding more description and back story where it would fit. My plan after that was to go to the next part, next chapter, whatever, and keep going from there. Once I got to the point to start that, I decided I wasn't ready, and rewound a bit. I started writing an earlier scene, and it went rather well. All in all, I wrote about 1,030 words that I'm really happy with. It also wasn't too dificult, and it's left me with excitement for what happens next. I fully intend on picking it up tomorrow and writing at least another 1000 words on it (maybe quite a bit more, as I have no plans whatsoever for tomorrow).

A good day, I think. I need more of this.
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No writing today. No work on the site today, either, but that's ok. Didn't spend a whole lot of time on the computer. Did a lot of housework, reading, and took a friend to pick up his car.

I've been doing a lot of thinking though, and I think it's good thinking. Roaches might start with a different POV, which is new, because I had orignally intended on it just being a single POV. It keeps growing...

I'm itching to finish Gaidin. Yeah, it's fanfic, but I like to think of it as practice. I could use it, and any writing I do is better than no writing, I guess. I need to email manda what I need from her, character-wise. I should probably do the same with both Lindy and Troll, as they'll be in it, too....still trying to decide on one of the big story points, though. For the time being, I'm writing around it, but it's really annoying to not be able to figure out what happened to Mac, why he left and died. It's essential to the story that he does both, I just need to straighten out the "why" of it all. Meh.

Tired now. Gonna read and cook dinner for the boy. And eat some cherries. I love cherry season.
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What I go through for my writing! Sheesh!

So, like I said, I'm throwing all of roaches out and starting over. I brought a blank book with me to work today, and I sketched out an outline for the story, with all the major plot points. I also decided to do a little bit of research on cockroaches to see if there were any interesting factiods I could use.

I ended up on Discovery Kids' Yucky site. They've got a whole roach section. I got lots of good info, but had to stop when it came to the scrapbook. It had pictures. Clear, detailed pictures. Ugh. I tried to force myself to look through them all, but had to stop when the link at the bottom of the description I was reading said "Next: Giant Cave Cockroach" Eeek. No thanks.

Redid the blogger tonight, so it'll better match the rest of the site. Next, I need to work on the site itself. I need to find or think of a layout that I like. I'll try to work on that tomorrow, or if not, next week at work. The Week of Dooooooom. I'll be at work a lot, I hope I can get a lot of work done (writing work, not the sort of work they're paying me to do).
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Ok. Took Roaches out yesterday and really looked at it. I've got about 600 words on that, too. I hate it. All of it. It sounds childish, and not even like my style. It also doesn't sound like the story that I have in my head. It sounds like it's trying to get there....but it's not. So today, I'm throwing the whole thing out. I'm going to take a blank notebook with me to work and do some outlining on it, and try to decide what I want to say with it, and where I want to go. I also need to work on some character sketches. Usually I come up with characters first, these people inside my head that won't leave me alone, and I have to figure out some sort of plot for them. This time, I know what I want the plot to be...but everything else seems rather cardboard.

More later, when I've done some work.
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Hm. Haven't updated this in a while, but haven't been writing much lately, so it's all good.

Wrote a bit on Roaches today. Not sure how to get where I want to go with it. I think it's got potential, I just have to get over the past lump. Maybe I'll skip that...hrm.

I've written about 600 words so far on Gaidin. I'm not going to have much time off at home in the next few weeks to work on either story, but I'm going to try to write some each day at work, at least. It's better than nothing, which is what I currently have going for me.

Maybe I'll get some good writing done in mexico.


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