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Hm, I really need to think of a way to start a paragraph other than "so yeah"...


Well, I was right when I said that I wouldn't get anything accomplished over the week. I didn't. Other than thinking. Though I'm still sick, so that might have had something to do with it. Or not. I don't know.

Today, I've messed around online far too much. I took a nap. I reorganized my MP3s. And then I did write, some. I put in just over 1000 words of new stuff, rearranged some other things. That gives me about 2275 words so far. Including the prologue, I've got 3800 words. Yeah, this is going to be big.

Good response from the people that have commented on the emailed prologue so far, which makes me happy and squishy.

I'm going to work on it more tomorrow. I'm out of the house all afternoon, but then I'll be home and slug-like on the computer.

Then this next week, I'm really going to make the effort to write before work at least one or two days out of the five. I mean, c'mon, I get up at 9am and don't have to work til 2pm. I don't even start getting ready til 12:30. My mornings are mainly surfing and playing Alchemy or Bookworm. Heh. ;)

Ok, going to go read the tarot book that came with the deck I got off Amazon this week, then bed. More tomorrow, I'm sure.

Cranes, "Far Away"
Elton John, "Rocket Man"
Johnny Cash, "Ring of Fire"
Lisa Loeb, "Sleep"
Pearl Jam, "Jeremy"
Perry Ferrell, "The Song With No Name"
Imogen Heap, "Come Here Boy" (thanks [ profile] eviltwinii)
Pinback, "Penelope"
Red Elvises, "Ukrainian Dance #13"
Massive Attack, "Teardrop"


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