Mar. 7th, 2003 06:52 pm
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I haven't updated this in almost a week!

It's a bit odd having a normal journal and a writing journal, esp with almost all of the people I have friended on here, I have on my other journal as well. I don't want to fill this up with personal details that people have already read somewhere else, and I don't want to bore people on my normal journal with details about my writing (details and going on and on and blah blah blah). But sometimes I forget.

Not a lot actually going on, but things are about to start happening. I have totally finished the stolen story, which has been renamed "A Shot in the Dark". It's printed, but I screwed up a few things manuscript-wise, so I'll be reprinting it, either tonight or over the weekend, and mailing it off no later than monday. Whee!

Last weekend I also started in on the demon story for real. I just meant to sit down and try to redo the parts I'd already written to work with how I wanted it to be now...and ended up spewing out a whole bunch of, I think, pretty good stuff. Tho I've already thought of things that I want in there that I forgot to put.

It's going to be long, too. It's already over 2000 words, and it feels like a bare beginning. I shake my fist at things I wish would be short stories that just want to be novels. I think I'll work on it more this weekend, and if it still feels so confined, I'll rewrite the beginning and start calling it the prolouge. Is that spelled right? Eh, I don't care.

So yeah, things are happening. I still can't work on my writing after I get home from work, too drained, or before work, too lazy. I need to fix one of these two things. I could be getting a hell of a lot more done if I worked on it more than just on the weekends.

I'm already working on the music that will be the soundtrack to the demon story. Some Concrete Blonde, like "Your Llorona" and "Angel", Depeche Mode's acoustic "Personal Jesus"...U2's "Running to Stand Still" and "Trip Through Your Wires." Oh! Also, I got my quicky MP3 copy of [ profile] trollmusic's cd Fixate in the mail, and not only is it super-wonderful, two of the songs are SO going on the soundtrack for the story ("Song of Thanks" and "Dusk Fell Over You"). Such good stuff. (*shameless plug* you can buy his cd on his website, or listen to MP3s after I upload some this weekend *end shameless plug*)

I should post some of the demon story here. I guess I will post some of the results on Sunday night, either some of the rough stuff I have, or the new prolouge. Tho it might upset [ profile] fallenicon a upset me a bit to right, but I did. You'll see why (and I'll send it to you sooner if you're interested).

Ok, cold fingers does not make for easy typing. I am going to find food.

on 2003-03-07 07:06 pm (UTC)
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I can't wait to read it!

on 2003-03-08 05:44 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I really like the title for the stolen-story! Very apt and cool. Make sure you mail that off - I'm crossing fingers and toes for you!

As for the songs. . . I can understand 'Dusk . . .' being in a demon story (the whole song is pretty demonic, imho,) but 'Song of Thanks'? I am intrigued to see how that fits in there.

I wanna read . . . .

on 2003-03-08 01:40 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Yes, "Dusk..." for sure in all respects.

As far as "Song of Thanks," I thought it would fit in just by the sound, and then I went and read the lyrics again. OMG! How can this song *not* be on the soundtrack for this?? It so sounds like the initial infatuation/surrender with the demon.

BTW, the acoustic "Personal Jesus" really goes well after "Dusk Fell Over You"

on 2003-03-08 02:39 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, 'Song of Thanks' is big on the surrender, especially of someone who never surrenders.

I want to read, still.


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