Mar. 17th, 2003

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So I didn't get anything written over the weekend. I did send out the prologue to the people that have asked to be on my email list. I also did a lot of messing around on various tarot sites (adding 4 neat decks to my wish list in the process), trying to figure that part out. Had a good conversation with [ profile] erlking about that. Then he wanted a physical description of the main character (who will now be Josephine instead of Josefine, as I wasn't sure I liked Josefine anymore, and everyone seems to agree with that).

So I've spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out what the heck Josephine looked like. It was about 11pm that I got the idea to browse pictures of hairdye boxes, being the weirdo that I am. But I did find one that I rather like...

josephine... )

So there was at least that much accomplished. Troll dear, if you'd like I can send you more of a writeup of her tomorrow. Tonight I'm beat.

So yeah. No writing done this weekend. Not likely to get any done over the week. So slackful. But, instead of writing actual text, I will try to document any ideas or concepts that I do have, so I don't forget them. Next weekend, other than doing wash on Sunday, I shall try to work on this for most of the weekend. I might try to work on it during the week before work, but I'm usually fairly slug-like before work each day, so no promises there.

Ok. Time to go hit some Jane Austen and sleep.


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